Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is essentially a battle of good versus evil; fought out everyday in the Christian life. It’s endemic to the Christian life.

Every Christian, from the moment of baptism; is a target of this warfare. Especially Catholics; as the devil loves to turn Catholics from Christ.

This warfare isn’t just a matter of possessions and exorcisms.

It essentially consists of the Christian trying to live a holy life of faith completed in works to his or her salvation while the devil and his angels work hard to sow doubt and confusion to deceive, break and ensnare the Christian into mortal sin and eventually into hell.

It’s primarily an interior battle: Fought out in the hearts and minds of Christians with the devil playing upon our weaknesses as he tries to dissuade us off the straight and narrow road to heaven.

The Christian must commit himself/herself to the battle of virtue versus sin; set to receive the devil’s assaults and committed to not giving in and doing what the devil wants you to do. Keeping your eyes fixed on God, discerning through the devil’s temptations and lies; and doing His Holy Will no matter what happens.

Keeping your eyes fixed on God, it’s a matter of self mastery: Training your mind and will, submitting to God’s Holy Will; in practicing virtue and doing good works with prayer and sacramentals bolstering you in your fight against the devil.

It’s also a matter of grounding yourself in your faith; bolstering it with Bible study and reading the spiritual writings of the saints. Faith, as Saint Paul teaches us in Ephesians; is our shield against the devil.

Righteousness is our breastplate: Taking the devil’s assaults on our living a holy life of virtue and good works.

Our sword is the Word of God. As Fr Larry Richards, one of my favorite priests; says: When the devil attacks you, shove the Word of God down his throat.

Use the Word of God as your weapon against the devil. Learn it and love it as a samurai learns and loves his katana.

On Spiritual Warfare