About Me

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

I’m Agathon Tohen, a devout working class Catholic American father of two boys and engaged to my beautiful and wonderful fiancé from the Philippines.

I’m a guy whose basic nature is empathic. When I see someone who’s sad, hurting or having problems; my instinct is to reach out and help. For my deep down desire is to be a good man and to help others be the good men and women to be free to be who they are; free from bullies and oppressors. Like the U.S. Army Green Berets’ motto: “ De Oppresso Liber “ or: To Free the Oppressed.

My vocation from God is to be with Him in heaven for eternity by living in such a way that pleases Him and to help others to fulfill their vocations from God too. The core of my vocation is the married life: Inspiring, edifying, leading and encouraging my fiancé and my children while providing for them materially with ministry as an important side to my vocation.

This blog is an important part of my ministry.

I see myself as a soldier of Christ serving my tour of duty on earth under His Banner. Serving God and our heavenly homeland while doing my best by my fellow men and women in the war against the world, the flesh and the devil. It is my earnest hope to hear Christ say to me: “ Enter, good and faithful servant “ when my tour is up. I hope I can help others to go home to heaven too.

I’m a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus, Usher at my parish, Catholic activist, apologist and evangelist who’ll soon be entering formation as a Third Order Dominican. As well, I’ll be training soon as a Lector and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

My interests are theology, philosophy, spirituality and history. Especially history of the ancient world and military history.