Hello all

It’s been a while since I last posted here, so I’ll give you all an update.

I’ve started a new blog at https://fearlessliketheholy.com

Inspired by Blessed Carlo Acutis and his website, it is intended to inspire and encourage my fellow Catholics in this increasingly secularized and post Christian world that emphasizes anti Christian values to persevere in and keep the Faith as the Church suffers internal problems and attacks from without.

The blog will have, as it’s core; a collection of stories of heroic Catholics, saints and regular Catholics; who did and are doing heroic things because of and for their Faith. In addition, I’ll be publishing posts on spiritual warfare, apologetics and living lives of heroic virtue and charity.

I invite you all, my non Catholic brothers and sisters too; to come, visit and follow the new blog if you’re interested.

If you would like to contribute or help in any way, please email me at ravenseidr@gmail.com

God bless and Mary keep you all.

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