Some Reflections

It’s been a good weekend overall. I got to have some quality talks with Gemma and our boys and I received some graces in my own spiritual growth.

I’d say overall, it’s been a good weekend.

Gemma’s been missing me something powerful and I have too. She talked with me about how one of her ex boyfriends had sent her a long list of complaints ( after nine years of being broke up ) that ended with I love you.


So, she wanted to know if I had any disappointments or frustrations with her and I told her no. None. She’s a wonderful and awesome woman of God.

As for the boys, I’m having fun listening to their adventures and just overall enjoying life with them. They’re ten, turning eleven this year; so they’re spending a lot of time with their friends around the apartment complex.

It’s a beautiful thing being a father. I get to provide for and raise two wonderful boys and they give my life meaning.

They and Gemma are the core of my vocation.

I’ve deepened my spiritual life; recommitting to singing the Morning and Evening Prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours and a daily Rosary.

I love praying the Liturgy and the Rosary.

I started praying the Liturgy on the advice of my priest during the lockdowns when Mass was no longer being publicly offered. I find the Liturgy, also known as the Divine Office; to be a beautiful rhythm for the day and deepens my spiritual life as I’m not just offering private prayer; I’m also saying a liturgy that’s the prayer of the Church on behalf of the Church and anyone I offer up Intercessions for.

I love the Rosary. The Rosary was the devotion that led me into the Church. It’s a prayer that helps conform me to Christ by meditating on His Life in the Mysteries.

I’ve received some really good graces in praying the Rosary. At some point, I can share them with you all.

Tonight was the Joyful Mysteries in the Rosary. I experienced a grace in which I understood why it was necessary for the Blessed Virgin Mary to be Immaculately Conceived and to be in such a powerful state of grace to be the Mother of God. I also learned how that a state of grace is necessary for me to beautify and sanctify my work as an offering to God.

I’m really looking forward to putting my spiritual growth into practice and concentrating on my vocation with Gemma and the boys.

I’m happy 😁

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