My Dominican Path

Soon, I will be entering formation as a Third Order Dominican.

The Third Order Dominicans are laypeople that live according to the Rule of Saint Dominic de Guzman as laypeople. They pray the Morning and Evening Offices and a daily Rosary. Lay Dominicans support the apostolic ministry of the First and Second Orders ( Male friars brings the First and nuns the Second ) and engage in their own ministry. Which in my case, my chapter will be engaging in prison and hospital ministry as well as spiritual warfare.

I’ve been discerning which Third Order to join for some time.

At first, I looked at becoming a Benedictine Oblate. I thought the spirituality is beautiful, but it wasn’t a good fit for me. Then I looked at the Secular Franciscans. Again, same deal. The Franciscan spirituality is beautiful, but it felt too austere for me and, again; not the right fit.

I’ve been drawn to the Dominicans since I first heard of Saint Dominic de Guzman. That, and it was the Rosary that led me into the Church. I’m also a member of the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary since 2017. That’s run by the Dominicans.

I also have a deep love and appreciation for Saint Thomas Aquinas; the great 13th century Dominican theologian and philosopher who wrote the Summa Theologica, of which I have the full set on my library shelf.

The Dominican spirituality is beautiful. Prayer, Study, Community and Ministry. We pray, study and share the fruits of contemplation.

The charism of the Order is summed up in it’s name: The Order Preachers.

The essential heart of Dominican spirituality is defined by the Order’s preaching mission.

My path into the Third Order Dominicans began in 2020. I was talking with the evangelization director of my parish one night and we were sharing a talk on our vocations. She’s a consecrated woman with the vocation to the single life, devoting herself to the Lord’s work as a single woman in the secular world. I told her of my discernment of which Third Order to join and I told her that I’d join the Dominicans if I could. As at the time, the nearest Dominican lay chapter was in another state.

I live in the American Midwest.

She told me: I know a guy who’s looking to start a new chapter in our diocese. I immediately jumped at the chance and she gave me his number. I called him and we spent an hour talking and I knew I found my Third Order.

The only thing was that he was still in the process of getting the Central Provincial’s permission to start the chapter and he’d get back to me when he got the necessary permission.

A couple of days ago, he did. He said he got permission and that he asked for my email so he could email me the when of the informational meeting. I gave it to him and now I’m completely stoked.

I told Gemma about it, and about how I’m a permanent usher at my parish for the 10 am Mass. She told me that she’s proud of me. Filipinos have a beautiful devotion that I think we American Catholics would do well to emulate. She loves how devout I am; as she told me that she looked for a man who prays the Rosary, reads the Bible, has a strong devotion to Our Lady and is religious. She loves how I want to serve as many Filipino men aren’t religious and don’t want to serve.

Ever since I was received into the Church in 2016, I’ve been looking for ways to serve God and His Church.

I’ve always wanted to serve. When I was a child, I daydreamed of being in the military as my country was my god then. Now, as a Catholic; I’ve transferred that desire to serve to God and His Church. Plus, there’s always been a strong desire in me to do good in the world.

I’ll offer you all something: If you’re experiencing spiritual warfare out there and would like a listening ear and some advice, my email address is on my Contact page. Just email me and I’ll try to help as best I can. Anything you write me will be held in strict confidence like the Confessional.

2 thoughts on “My Dominican Path”

  1. How wonderful to hear your spiritual journey to finding the Lay Dominican Order. I will have you in prayer as you continue your journey.

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