Spirituality of the Mass

The Mass is the source and summit of the Catholic life. In it, the parish gathers as a community to worship God and commune with Him in the Eucharist as we know that Jesus is present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity; in the Communion Host.

The Mass is the beating heart of Catholic life.

The heart of Catholic spirituality is prayer. Prayer is more than just throwing petitions upward to God.

It’s an intimate conversation and relationship.

Prayer is basically a heart to heart talk with God. Sharing everything about yourself with Him.

The Mass is basically one giant prayer, with a Sacrament included; from the moment Father first says In the Name… from the beginning of Mass to just before Dismissal.

When looked at like that, the Mass is intensely spiritual. Especially when, as Vatican II says; we’re supposed to be fully intent on the Mass. Intentionally participating in and paying attention to the Mass.

In addition to the Mass being a giant prayer, there is the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the most intimate relationship imaginable. We take in Our Lord Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity into our bodies and souls and nourished by God Himself who sacrificed Himself for us that we might live forever with Him.

In essence, the Mass is all about relationship with God.

Think about it.

We pray, we worship, we sing and we hear God’s Word and Father or Deacon’s homily ( Commentary ) on the Gospel.

Notice it’s all about God and we’re relating to Him.

Then we offer gifts to God and we go into the Eucharist. In the Eucharist, we’re offering sacrifice to God with Father presiding in the person of Christ. It’s a re presentation of the one Holy Sacrifice Jesus made of Himself in an unbloody manner.

We’re participating in the eternal present of the Last Supper with Jesus offering up Himself for us.

Another way of thinking about it is like this: The liturgy of the Mass mirrors the heavenly liturgy before the throne of God. Considering that the angels and saints participate in the Mass with us, Mass is where heaven and earth meet.

I remember seeing angels during Mass at Ash Wednesday 2021.

I saw a white cloud mass of angels around Father’s head and I saw one angel, off to the side; praying with hands folded with blond hair, white robe and ( I kid you not ) folded wings.

The Mass is all about relationship with God.

It’s not just an humdrum hour and fifteen minute ritual that you have to muddle through somehow.

It’s an intensely spiritual time of relationship where the God of the universe comes down into bread and wine. Transubstantiating them into His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity; for us to commune with Him in the deepest and most intimate way imaginable.

Mass is literally a gift of God where miracles happen and heaven meets earth.

Why not fully and wholeheartedly immerse yourself in the Mass?

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