Happy Saint Joseph the Workman!

Today is a beautiful day at work in my part of the world. The sun is shining, it’s warm with not too much of a breeze.

Today, I’ve experienced a lot of graces about faith.

How it’s the basis of everything in my life and how I can calm my mind and just chill. Knowing that everything’s going to be okay. How to just relax and master my mind and passions to where they’re subject to faith while I just go about my day acting in accordance with my Faith.

It even extends to my interactions with other people and all the troubles going on in the world.

I also had a nice conversation with an atheist on r/Catholicism; helping him to clear up some misunderstandings and allay his fears about the place of the Church and state.

I’ve also been thinking of my family and how I just relax and just be with them. I can do my part to relieve the tension and pray for them.

I don’t have to discuss politics and religion with them and that’s okay.

It’s been a really good day so far and I’m thankful for all the graces I’ve received today so far.

Thank You, Heavenly Father.

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