The Miracle of Life

Each moment of life is a miracle.

Think about it.

When I began my spiritual quest when I was a 16 year old atheist, it was because of a conversation my friends and I had at the lunch table at school.

The conversation was about the mystery of how life began.

True, science has it’s theories, but none satisfactorily explain how inorganic chemistry made the jump to organic chemistry on Earth. I even heard that the mathematical odds of the universe generating life was so astronomical as to be an absurdly freak chance.

My conclusion was: Something had to have started it.

From then on, I searched for that Something in all of the world’s religions.

The story of that spiritual quest would have to be on another post.

God created us and gave us life. Each moment is a sacred gift to be treated with reverence and gratitude. Every human being, from conception to natural death; is sacred. Also to be treated with respect due to the sacred.

Why does our culture treat life so flippantly?

That’s why I’m a pro life activist.

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