Encourage each other daily while it is still today.

I recite Hebrews 3:13 each morning when I sing Morning Prayer.

As I was driving to work this morning, it struck me how much habits are the armature of the soul. The lane changes and following the roads without even thinking about it.

I also was thinking on how this applies to faith.

That faith has to get into the soul to where I act on faith reflexively; getting to where it’s like breathing.

Saint Thomas Aquinas had said: Repetition of an act becomes habits.

I believe I’m paraphrasing him.

In these troubled times, I’m thinking I’d like to make a habit of encouraging my fellow Christians, Catholic and non Catholic; in keeping the Faith.

It’s easy to get discouraged with all the evil we see and experience in the world.

But, let’s remember Saint John in his First Letter that those who believe Jesus is the Son of God conquer the world. And that Jesus Himself had said that with faith the size of a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible to you.

I would like to make a habit of examining myself to see if my actions line up with my Faith, as faith is incomplete without works; as part of my daily routine. I hope you all out there might do it too.

So, I encourage all of you out there to keep the Faith and conquer the world as nothing is impossible to you.

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