The doing some good thing….

Ever since I was a little boy, all I ever wanted to do was to do good and help people.

Help them when they’re sad, hurting or being bullied so they can be happy and be free to be who they are, as long as they’re not doing evil; without being bullied or hurt by bad guys.

Like Superman, Captain America or the U.S. Army Green Berets. Making the world safe from bullies and bad guys; where the world is fair and good.

Maybe it’s a naive and boyish thing in this postmodern 21st century world. But there it is: A sense of justice, freedom and fair play.

That’s the heart of what I do.

Sure, it certainly isn’t a perfect world and neither am I perfect. I don’t claim to be. I just want to help the men and women around me to be the best people they can be and I certainly try to be the best and most encouraging man that I can be by the men and women around me.

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