How Gemma and I met

It was December of 2017 and I was desperately sad and lonely.

My girlfriend Katie had broken up with me the previous July and I was just a sad and lonely mess. I had been praying Rosaries for a woman who’d love me, support me and understand me for who I am.

I had recently opened an account on CatholicMatch on a friend’s suggestion and I was just doing my normal thing; netsurfing while checking out women on the site.

I saw that Gemma viewed my profile and I checked out hers.

Through a series of disappointing no bites to my likes and messages, trying to get a ball rolling with a woman; and that’s when I noticed that Gemma viewed my profile.

I saw a beautiful, brown skinned woman smiling and wearing a lovely dress. I read her intro and saw what she wrote: “ I know the stereotype of Asians looking for Westerners and I’m not looking for a meal ticket. “ I read that and I knew I could trust her, so I messaged her and we began talking.

She was amazed at how quickly I had responded to her and we chatted for, if I remember right; about an hour or two and we had ended it for the night.

We hit it off right away and we shared fb addresses and began talking on fb messenger.

She was a wonderful breath of fresh air in my life. Warm, loving, understanding and supportive. She had survived tough times and she was still a good and faithful woman of God while being a single mother and living with her retired parents, serving them as a good and obedient daughter.

She amazed me.

In time, feelings for her grew as we talked for hours into my night.

One morning, I sat in my chair and thought deeply about my feelings for her. What I feel for her is nothing like I’ve ever felt for a woman before. I saw that I love her for her: Not for what she does for me and I want what’s good for her. Even if it meant that I left the picture.

I told her that night for the first time that I love you, Gemma.

Her immediate response was: “ Are you kidding me?! “

After some time, and a powerful poem I wrote for her and shared with her; my commitment to her proved to her that I was serious. Setting her as my priority ( Which no man ever done for her ) and spending as much quality time with her as I could.

She was afraid to fall in love again and told me as much. She tried to get me to talk to other girls and even tried to pawn me off as friends. But, I persisted.

But I could sense that she loved me and I accepted that she wasn’t ready to tell me. I gave her time and my understanding. I didn’t push her and always ended our talks with I love you.

Eventually, in January of 2018; she said I love you back. I felt like I just won the lottery.

Even with all the bumps in our relationship, she and our three sons are the best earthly things that ever happened to me and I can’t, and won’t; imagine life without her.

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