Biden’s Catholicism

Much has been made in the media and by the President himself about being a devout practicing Catholic who regularly attends Mass.

As a devout practicing Catholic, as well as being a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus; I’m concerned that this claim could confuse and mislead Catholics, potentially cause a split among Catholics concerning key issues of Church teaching and misrepresent genuine devout practicing Catholics.

As we can see, Biden supports abortion, LGTBQ and transgenderism. These three areas go against what the Church teaches.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the key instructional document on what the Church teaches and all Catholics are to believe; clearly states that all Catholics are bound to submit to the teaching authority of the Church in all areas of faith and morals.

Abortion has always been taught, from the early Church on; is a grave moral evil. Humanae Vitae, the papal encyclical issued by Pope Paul VI in 1968; is clear that abortion and artificial contraception are not to be done by practicing Catholics. Since then, the Church has consistently remained firm on those issues.

As for LGBTQ, the Church teaches in the Catechism that LGBTQ people aren’t inherently evil; that they are to be treated with the dignity and freedom of the human person. Including freedom from unjust discrimination. What is the grave moral evil here is the homosexual act itself.

Essentially, what the Church teaches is that we support them and help them flourish as people, but not the homosexual act.

The same goes with transgender people. The Church teaches that we support and help them as people; but not the gender ideology or the claimed transitioning from one gender to another. That contradicts Sacred Scripture, Male and female, He created them; and the natural law.

With these points in mind, we can clearly see in his actions, support and advocacy of abortion, LGBTQ and transgenderism that the President goes against Church teaching.

Another Church teaching he goes against is religious freedom. In Church social doctrine, the Church teaches that the civil order is to ensure religious freedom for it’s citizens and that no one is to be forced to go against his/her religion and conscience.

The President’s support of Obamacare and the Equality Act, without Religious Freedom of Restoration Act exemptions of freedom of religion; contradict that teaching as he supports the imposition of abortion, abortifacient drugs, LGBTQ and transgender ideology on people. Regardless of their religious beliefs and conscience.

Ask the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Another point I’d like to make is this: If a man claims to be a devout Jew and he eats pork and goes to work on Saturday, ( The Jewish Sabbath ) would you believe him?

The same with President Biden.

I’m not making personal attacks on the President. I’m only addressing his actions as inconsistent with the claim of being devout.

A devout practicing Catholic, he or she is to accept and believe all the teachings of the Church in all areas of faith and morals. Look to the saints as examples of that.

All this I’m saying with love and concern to all of my fellow Catholics and as a concerned American who loves his country and wants what’s good for his fellow Americans.

Including the President.

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