Love in Action

My fiancé’s son has greatly angered his mother with his cell phone addiction. In response to her question of: Do you love me? He told her: I will show you in my actions.

This causes me to reflect on love in actions.

Every time you go into a Catholic church, you will see Jesus on a crucifix above the altar. I often think on this as the example of how to love. Going so far for those you love that you’d die for them.

Just sentiment or words aren’t enough. Love by it’s very nature requires action because love is willing the good of another. You can’t realize that will without deeds; without putting in the work to make that good happen.

Jesus’ example causes me to consider love in three senses.

One is that we need to consider the good of those we love. Looking to their good. The good of the other man or woman is what is for their well being; what helps them flourish as human beings. We can’t help others flourish as human beings by enabling them or being selfish and self obsessed and doing what we will; regardless of how it effects them. Jesus looked to our good by suffering death on the Cross; buying us back to God the Father and opening up the gates of heaven for those who’ll follow Him.

Another sense is the self sacrifice that’s often necessary; putting aside our wants and desires for the good of those we love. We simply cannot love if we’re unwilling to lay aside our wants and desires for the good of those we love. Think of it: How many of us love our parents for the self sacrifices they make for us? How good did that make you feel?

Like the Dad who’ll put down his video games to play catch with his son, or the Mom who works two jobs and still makes time for her kids. That’s love, my friends.

When you look at it, love is strength and Jesus showed it in spades. The night before He was betrayed, Jesus prayed. He didn’t want to suffer and die. But, He put the Father’s Will above His own and He suffered and died for us.

Because He loves us and wants what’s good for us.

The third sense is that we can encourage those we love to do better; to correct bad behavior. As long as we tell them that they are the creatures of God, made in His image; that they are and not condemn them as bad people and address their bad behavior. Jesus did that in His Ministry on Earth.

Too much in our society, we enable bad behavior out of a false sense of acceptance and compassion; afraid to be seen as judgmental people ourselves. Or worse, we attack other people as bad people. Real acceptance is accepting people as the flawed human beings that we all are. Real compassion is reaching out and helping those who do bad, stop the bad behavior and do better.

So, I encourage all of you out there to put your love into action and help make the world a better place.

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